Henk Rogers Wife: Complete Guide


Henk Rogers Wife Complete Guide

Henk Rogers’ wife is Akemi Rogers. They met while attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Akemi is of Japanese descent. The couple married in 1977 and settled in Japan to raise their four children.

Akemi isn’t just a spouse; she’s also involved in philanthropic endeavors. Together, they established the Henk and Akemi Rogers Foundation in Hawaii in 2007, with Akemi serving as President and Head.

While details about the foundation’s work are limited, it suggests a commitment to giving back.

Early Life and Career

Early Life and Career

Born and raised in Japan, Akemi’s early life was steeped in the rich cultural traditions of her homeland. She pursued a honing her skills and contributing with dedication and passion.

Little did she know that her life’s trajectory would take an unexpected turn, one that would test her fortitude and redefine her priorities.

Diagnosis and Transformation

Akemi received a life-altering diagnosis: brain cancer. This news was a devastating blow, not only for her but also for her husband, Henk Rogers, and their entire family.

Instead of succumbing to despair, Akemi chose to face the adversity head-on, armed with an unwavering determination to fight and embrace a new way of life.

Akemi’s battle against brain cancer was arduous, involving grueling treatments and significant lifestyle adjustments.

Yet, through it all, she exhibited extraordinary resilience, drawing strength from her loved ones and her own inner resolve.

Henk Rogers stood by her side, providing unwavering support and encouragement, as they navigated this uncharted territory together.

As Akemi underwent treatment, she realized the profound impact that her neurological condition had on her overall well-being.

This realization sparked a deep-rooted passion for brain health and mental well-being, prompting her to adopt a holistic approach to her recovery.

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Advocacy and Impact

Emerging from her battle, Akemi embarked on a mission to raise awareness about the importance of brain health and preventative care.

She recognized that her journey was not just personal but held the potential to inspire and empower others facing similar challenges.

Akemi’s advocacy extended beyond brain health; she became a vocal proponent of sustainability and environmental wellness.

Her experiences taught her the inextricable link between personal well-being and the health of our planet, motivating her to embrace a healthy lifestyle that harmonizes with nature.

Akemi’s story has resonated with countless individuals worldwide, offering hope and inspiration to those overcoming obstacles in their own lives.

Through her advocacy efforts, she has shared her experiences, shedding light on the often-overlooked aspects of brain health and the importance of a sustainable existence.

“Akemi’s unwavering spirit and determination have been a beacon of hope for so many. Her journey has taught us that no challenge is too great when faced with courage and compassion.”

Numerous individuals have found solace and guidance in Akemi’s words, drawing strength from her ability to transform adversity into an opportunity for growth and positive change.

Present and Personal Life

Present and Personal Life

Today, Akemi Rogers continues to thrive, embracing each day as a gift and an opportunity to make a difference. Her health journey, while ongoing, has not diminished her determination or her zest for life.

She remains an active advocate for brain health and sustainability, leveraging her platform to educate and inspire others.

While Akemi Rogers is often referred to as “Henk Rogers’ wife,” she is a multifaceted individual in her own right. Beyond her role as a supportive partner.

Her innate curiosity and love for learning have shaped her into a well-rounded individual, committed to personal growth and making a positive impact on the world around her.

Henk and Akemi Rogers have been married for 1977, and their bond has only strengthened through the challenges they’ve faced together.

Their partnership is built on mutual respect, unwavering support, and a shared vision for a better future. Akemi’s journey has reinforced the depth of their love and commitment, serving as a testament to the power of unity in the face of adversity.

Yes, Henk and Akemi Rogers have children. Sources report they have four: Maya, Julie, Michael, and Leonard.

These children hold various positions within their father’s businesses, suggesting a close-knit family involved in the Tetris legacy.

Related Information Henk Rogers

Related Information Henk Rogers

Henk Rogers, the Dutch video game designer behind securing Tetris rights, boasts an estimated net worth of $22 million.

This stems from Tetris’ massive success, selling over 520 million copies globally, and his other ventures.

He reportedly sold a mobile game publisher, Blue Lava Wireless, for a hefty $137 million in 2005. So, his Tetris deal and entrepreneurial drive fueled his impressive net worth.

Instagram: Henk Brouwer Rogers (@henkrogers)

Twitter: Henk Rogers (@HenkRogers) / X

Maya Rogers is a businesswoman leading the Tetris Company. Born in May 1978, she currently heads licensing and development for the iconic game.

Her background is in the video game industry, with experience at Sony and Tetris Online China. She’s also a strong entrepreneur, co-founding Hawaii’s first startup accelerator.

Henk Rogers’ journey to securing the rights to Tetris is a remarkable tale in itself. In the late 1980s, Henk recognized the game’s potential and negotiated with its creator, Alexey Pajitnov, to bring Tetris to the global market.

This strategic move not only revolutionized the gaming industry but also solidified Henk’s reputation as a visionary entrepreneur.

Throughout this process, Akemi Rogers played a crucial supporting role, providing valuable insights and encouragement as Henk navigated the complex negotiations and business dealings.

Maya Rogers, as the daughter of renowned entrepreneur Henk Rogers and his wife Akemi, has made a name for herself in various ventures.

With a keen eye for business and innovation, she has amassed a net worth of approximately $5 million. Maya’s wealth reflects her involvement in diverse projects, ranging from technology ventures to philanthropic endeavors.

As an heir to her father’s legacy and with her own entrepreneurial spirit, Maya has carved her path, contributing to the family’s wealth while also making significant strides in her own right.

Her net worth not only symbolizes financial success but also underscores her influence and impact in the realms she chooses to navigate, be it in business, technology, or social initiatives.

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Frequently Ask Question 

Are Henk Rogers and Akemi still married?

Yes, Henk Rogers and Akemi Rogers are still married, continuing to support each other through life’s journey.

Who is the wife of Tetris Henk?

The wife of Tetris creator Henk Rogers is Akemi Rogers, a strong advocate for brain health and sustainability.

Who is the CEO of Tetris?

The CEO of Tetris is currently Maya Rogers, the daughter of Tetris creator Henk Rogers.

Who is the daughter of Tetris Henk Rogers?

The daughter of Tetris creator Henk Rogers is Maya Rogers, who has followed in her father’s footsteps in business and innovation.

Who is the wife of Tetris creator?

The wife of Tetris creator Henk Rogers is Akemi Rogers, known for her resilience and advocacy work in brain health and sustainability.


Henk Rogers’ wife, Akemi Rogers, embodies resilience and advocacy. Originally from Japan, her journey is marked by strength in the face of adversity.

Following a life-altering diagnosis, she adapted to a new way of life, becoming a passionate advocate for brain health and sustainability.

Akemi’s influence extends beyond her personal struggles, inspiring others with her story of perseverance. Today, she continues to stand by Henk’s side, their enduring marriage a testament to their bond.

Akemi’s unwavering spirit and commitment to making a difference exemplify the profound impact one individual can have on the world.

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