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GloRilla, the rising rap sensation, boasts a net worth of $1 million as of 2023. At 24 years old, she stands at a height of 5 feet 2 inches. Born Gloria Hallelujah Woods, she hails from Memphis, Tennessee. While details about her parents and siblings remain undisclosed, her mother’s name is Obscure Woods. Currently single, GloRilla’s personal life is a subject of much intrigue.

Unlock the mystery behind GloRilla’s captivating journey! Discover her net worth, age, height, and more. Dive into the world of this rising rap sensation and unravel the secrets of her personal life. Explore GloRilla’s roots, family ties, and the enigmatic details surrounding her real name, parents, and relationship status.

Explore GloRilla’s profile: At 24, she boasts a net worth of $1 million. Standing at 5’2″, her real name is Gloria Hallelujah Woods. Details about her parents, family, husband, and children remain undisclosed. Delve into the intriguing world of this rising rap star!

GloRilla Real Name and Early Life

Dive into the early life of GloRilla, the rising rap sensation. Born Gloria Hallelujah Woods on July 28, 1999, in Memphis, Tennessee, she embraced music from a young age. Despite facing obstacles, GloRilla discovered her passion for rhythm and rhyme. Transitioning from singing to rapping at 16, she embarked on a remarkable journey. Her resilience and determination paved the way for her ascent in the music industry. Uncover the inspiring story behind GloRilla’s transformation and rise to prominence.

Full NameGloria Hallelujah Woods
Known asGloRilla
Date of BirthJuly 28, 1999
Age24 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac SignLeo
Place of BirthMemphis, Tennessee, USA
Height5 feet 2 inches (157 cm)
Weight110 pounds (50 kg)
Relationship StatusSingle
Net Worth$1 Million (As of 2023)
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GloRilla Parents, Siblings, and Family

GloRilla Parents, Siblings, and Family

Explore the enigmatic world of GloRilla’s family ties. While details about her father and siblings remain undisclosed, her mother, Obscure Woods, stands by her side. Raised in a Christian household, GloRilla shares a close bond with her family. Despite her Christian roots, she charted her own path in the music industry. GloRilla’s philanthropic gestures, like donating to her alma mater, underscore her commitment to family values. Discover the supportive backdrop that shaped GloRilla’s journey to success.

GloRilla Career

Embark on a journey through GloRilla’s flourishing career in the music industry. Starting in 2019 with her debut mixtape, GloRilla swiftly captured the spotlight. Her collaboration with producer Hitkidd on “F.N.F.” catapulted her to fame in April 2022. With hits like “Just Say That” and EP “Anyways, Life’s Great,” GloRilla solidified her position as a rising star. Nominated for Best Rap Performance at the Grammy Awards, her impact resonates across the globe. Continuously releasing music on various platforms, she boasts a massive following on social media. Witness GloRilla’s evolution as she collaborates with renowned artists and reshapes the rap landscape.

GloRilla Net Worth

GloRilla Net Worth

Explore the impressive financial journey of GloRilla in the music industry. With an estimated net worth of $1 million in 2023, her success knows no bounds. Generating revenue through songwriting, rapping, and brand collaborations, GloRilla’s income sources are diverse. Her YouTube channel alone earns her around $10,000 per month, showcasing her entrepreneurial prowess. Additionally, royalties from music streaming apps contribute to her substantial earnings. Witness the testament to her hard work and business acumen, making her an influential figure in entertainment. GloRilla’s net worth reflects her ability to connect with a global audience and set new standards in the rap scene.

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GloRilla Net Worth Timeline

Certainly, here’s the GloRilla Net Worth Timeline presented in a table format:

YearGloRilla Net Worth (estimated)
2020Not Available
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How old is GloRilla? – GloRilla Age

Delve into GloRilla’s age and background to uncover the essence of her journey. At 24 years old in 2023, she embodies youth and talent in the music realm. Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, GloRilla’s roots run deep in her hometown. Her passion for music ignited at an early age, leading her to pursue a career in rap. Explore her evolution from a young enthusiast to a prominent figure in the industry. With a captivating blend of talent and determination, GloRilla’s age serves as a testament to her ongoing success.

How tall is GloRilla? – GloRilla Height, Weight and Measurements

Unravel the physical dimensions of GloRilla, adding depth to her persona. Standing at 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm) tall, she commands attention with her petite stature. Maintaining a weight of 50 kilograms (110 pounds), GloRilla balances both strength and grace. Her striking black eyes and hair complement her captivating presence. With a body measurement of 34-27-34 and a shoe size of 5 US, she exudes confidence in every performance. Explore GloRilla’s physical attributes, enhancing her allure and stage presence. As an artist, her height, weight, and measurements contribute to her unique identity and stage persona.

GloRilla Husband and Children

GloRilla Husband and Children

Explore the personal life of GloRilla to uncover details about her romantic relationships. Currently single, she remains focused on her thriving career in the music industry. Despite rumors of dating Drake in 2022, her past relationships remain undisclosed. GloRilla’s dedication to her craft takes precedence over familial commitments. Her fans admire her independence and determination to succeed on her own terms. With no children to date, GloRilla’s journey continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Delve into her personal life, where her music reigns supreme, illuminating her path to success.


Where was GloRilla born?

GloRilla was born in Memphis, Tennessee, United States.She hails from the vibrant city of Memphis, Tennessee.

What is GloRilla’s profession?

GloRilla is a rapper by profession.She has made a name for herself in the music industry as a talented rapper.

Does GloRilla have any social media accounts?

Yes, GloRilla is active on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube.You can find her on various social media platforms, engaging with her fans.

What is GloRilla’s real name?

GloRilla’s real name is Gloria Hallelujah Woods.

Who are GloRilla’s parents and family?

GloRilla is the eighth child in her family. While the names of her father and siblings are not disclosed, her mother’s name is Obscure Woods.


In summary, GloRilla, the rising star in the music industry, captivates audiences with her talent and charisma. At 24 years old, Gloria Hallelujah Woods, known as GloRilla, stands tall at 5 feet 2 inches. While her net worth reaches an impressive $1 million, she keeps her personal life private, with no disclosed information about her parents, family, or children. Despite her fame, GloRilla remains focused on her music career, collaborating with renowned artists and gaining millions of followers on social media. With her dedication and unique style, GloRilla continues to make waves, leaving a lasting impact on the music scene.

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