13 Beautiful Folklore Outfit Ideas Inspired by Taylor Swift


13 Beautiful Folklore Outfit Ideas Inspired by Taylor Swift

In the heart of 2020, amidst a world of uncertainty, Taylor Swift gifted us with ‘folklore’ an album that’s not just a musical masterpiece, but a fashion revolution.

The ‘folklore’ aesthetic is a whimsical journey into nature-inspired, romantically vintage clothing that has captivated hearts worldwide.

Today, we’re diving into 13 (Taylor’s lucky number!) enchanting outfit ideas that capture the essence of ‘folklore,’ perfect for our USA audience looking to infuse a little magic into their wardrobe.

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Folklore Outfit Ideas: Channeling Your Inner Cottagecore Queen

1. Blue Long Flowy Dress: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Blue Long Flowy Dress

Imagine yourself in a meadow, barefoot, with wildflowers at your feet. That’s the vibe of our first outfit idea. Picture a blue, loose dress reminiscent of Taylor’s ‘cardigan’ music video. This airy gown isn’t just a piece of clothing; it’s a statement of freedom and whimsy.

  • Style Tip: Pair with vintage boots for a walk, or go barefoot for that perfect Instagram shot.
  • Accessory Must-Have: A delicate flower crown or a simple daisy tucked behind your ear.
  • Perfect Occasion: A picnic in a sun-dappled field or a bohemian backyard gathering.

2. Flowy Skirt and Lace Cover Up: ‘invisible string’ Vibes

Flowy Skirt and Lace Cover Up

This ensemble whispers tales of fate and serendipity, much like the lyrics of ‘invisible string.’ Opt for a flowing attire in earthy tones think moss greens or bark browns. Top it with a delicate overlay or a lacy shawl that catches the light like morning dew.

  • Accessorize: Layer necklaces of varying lengths, perhaps with a small golden locket.
  • Bag It: A woven straw bag, spacious enough for your favorite book and a journal.
  • Ideal Setting: Getting lost in the stacks of a quaint bookstore or a meandering walk through an enchanted forest trail.

3. Brown Dress and White Button Up: ‘betty’ Goes to School

Brown Dress and White Button Up

Channel your inner ‘betty’ with a chocolate dress that screams schoolgirl charm. Layer it with a crisp white button-up for that perfect blend of innocence and intellect.

  • Twist It: Add chunky loafers and knee-high socks for a dash of academia chic.
  • Carry: A vintage leather satchel, perhaps monogrammed with your initials.
  • Where To: Back-to-school events or a study date at that coffee shop with the great chai latte.

4. White Top and Brown Skirt: ‘seven’ Shades of Innocence

White Top and Brown Skirt

The song ‘seven’ takes us back to the unfiltered joy of childhood. Recreate this with a simple white top and a twirly tan gown of a skirt. It’s an outfit idea that’s both playful and timeless.

  • DIY Touch: Embroider tiny daisies or your initials on the skirt’s hem.
  • Footwear: Simple sandals or, better yet, go barefoot (when appropriate!).
  • Activity: Tree climbing (safely!) in your backyard or hosting a teddy bears’ picnic.

5. Embroidered Dress and Cardigan: ‘mirrorball’ Magic

Embroidered Dress and Cardigan

Find an embellished gown that sparkles subtly, like the mirrorball in a dim-lit room. The magic is in the details—look for ornate attire with folklore-inspired motifs like stars, moons, or woodland creatures.

  • Layer Love: Drape the iconic ‘cardigan’ over your shoulders for those chilly evening breezes.
  • Sparkle More: Add star-shaped earrings or a celestial-inspired necklace.
  • Event: A garden party under the fairy lights or a night of stargazing with your closest friends.

6. Gray Flowy Skirt and Chunky Sweater: ‘the last great american dynasty’

Gray Flowy Skirt and Chunky Sweater

Embody the free-spirited essence of Rebekah Harkness in this comfy-chic ensemble. A gray draped garment paired with an oversized knit is the sartorial equivalent of dancing on the lawn of your own Holiday House.

  • Balance: The volume of the thick pullover pairs beautifully with the skirt’s flow.
  • Footwear: Opt for sturdy yet stylish ankle boots, perfect for impromptu adventures.
  • Where To: A day trip to a quaint, historical seaside town or browsing an eclectic art gallery.

7. Long Off The Shoulder Dress: ‘this is me trying’ Elegance

Long Off The Shoulder Dress

This outfit idea is all about resilience wrapped in grace. Choose a dress with an off-the-shoulder neckline—it’s vulnerable yet strong, just like the song.

  • Keep It Simple: Minimal jewelry; let the dress speak for itself. A single, meaningful pendant will do.
  • Hair: A tousled, messy updo. Perfection is overrated, after all.
  • Occasion: A solo date to that restaurant you’ve always wanted to try or a deep, heart-to-heart with your best friends.

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8. Red Vest and White Long Skirt: ‘epiphany’s’ Bold Statement

Red Vest and White Long Skirt

Mix the bold (red vest) with the serene (ivory skirt) to create an outfit that’s a nod to both the intensity and the quiet contemplation in ‘epiphany.’

  • Vest Quest: Look for a scarlet waistcoat or a ruby jacket with vintage vibes. Velvet or brocade adds a nice touch.
  • Skirt Style: A long white dress-like skirt, perhaps with a subtle pattern or texture.
  • Perfect For: A poetry reading at the local bookstore or visiting a historical site that tells tales of resilience.

9. White Blouse and White Long Skirt: ‘peace’ Personified

White Blouse and White Long Skirt

An all-white ensemble is the physical manifestation of the tranquility in ‘peace.’ It’s about choosing simplicity and finding beauty in calmness.

  • Texture Play: Mix it up with a eyelet blouse, a linen skirt, or maybe a crochet detail. It’s still all white, but far from boring.
  • Ground It: Simple, earth-toned sandals or espadrilles.
  • Ideal Day: A slow Sunday brunch followed by cloud watching in your backyard.

10. Long White Dress with Lace: ‘the lakes’ Lakeside Reverie

Long White Dress with Lace

For this outfit idea, find an extended gown that would make Wordsworth sigh. Think: a long white dress with delicate lace panels, evoking the mist on a lake at dawn.

  • Top It Off: A wide-brimmed, straw hat to shield you from the sun (or prying eyes, à la Taylor).
  • Carry: A vintage copy of a classic novel or a leather-bound sketchbook.
  • Activity: Sketching by the lakeside, a romantic picnic, or simply sitting on a dock, dangling your feet in the cool water.

11. Mini White Dress: ‘august’ Youthful Fling

Mini White Dress

Capture the fleeting joy of a summer romance with a petite gown. This small attire is all about those carefree, sun-soaked days.

  • Edge It Up: Throw on a denim jacket for those cooler August nights. Add some retro sunglasses for that hint of mystery.
  • Footwear: Simple sneakers or strappy sandals—ready for impromptu adventures.
  • Where To: A local fairground, complete with Ferris wheel rides, or a rooftop party under the stars.

12. White Flowy Dress and Cami Top: ‘illicit affairs’ Layers

White Flowy Dress and Cami To

This outfit idea is a bit daring, a bit secretive—much like the hushed tones of ‘illicit affairs.’ Choose a white flowing attire that moves like whispers.

  • The Twist: Layer with a silky cami top, perhaps in a deep, rich color. It’s the sartorial equivalent of a hidden message.
  • Accessories: Delicate, barely-there jewelry. A thin anklet, maybe?
  • Occasion: A night out dancing where the music drowns out the world, or a mysterious date to somewhere you’ve never been.

13. White Blouse and White Skirt: ‘exile’ in Style

White Blouse and White Skirt

Breakups are tough, but who says you can’t look ethereally gorgeous while mending a broken heart? This all-white ensemble is ‘exile’ with a stroke of elegance.

  • Blouse Business: Think puffy sleeves and delicate buttons. A bit Victorian, a bit modern-day princess.
  • Skirt Scene: A high-waisted, cream-colored skirt that swishes when you walk away.
  • Activity: Journaling your feelings at that tucked-away café or taking yourself on a solo trip to the art museum. Healing in style, always.

Folklore Outfit Ideas Taylor Swift: Beyond the Album

folklore taylor swift outfits eras tour

Even on the grandest stages of her Eras Tour, Taylor doesn’t leave ‘folklore’ behind. She adapts these intimate outfit ideas for the limelight.

  • Stage Secrets: Notice how she adds subtle sparkles or exaggerates a silhouette to make sure even the nosebleed seats catch the ‘folklore’ vibe.
  • DIY Concert Gear: Add iron-on patches of ‘folklore’ symbols to your denim jacket, or craft a cardigan with glow-in-the-dark stars.
Eras Tour ‘Folklore’ LookDIY Version
Shimmering lace dressThrift store dress + fabric glitter
Oversized cardigan with light-up effectsBasic cardigan + LED string lights
Woodland-inspired headpieceCraft store flowers + hairband

“I’ve always thought my outfits should tell a story. With ‘folklore,’ it’s like each piece is a chapter in a fairytale.” – Taylor Swift (Note: This is a fictional quote for illustrative purposes.)

evermore outfit ideas

‘evermore,’ folklore’s sister album, calls for similar attire but with a autumnal, slightly moodier twist.

  • Key Pieces: Cozy jumpers in rich plums or deep forest greens. Pair with gold-flecked tan gowns or rustic attire.
  • Seasonal Switch: As summer flowy dresses give way to fall, layer with tights, add a bulky cardigan, and swap flower crowns for berets.

folklore outfit ideas men

‘folklore’ fashion isn’t just for the ladies. Men can absolutely rock this whimsical, nature-inspired vibe.

  • Core Items: Thick pullovers in earthy tones, vintage denim (the more worn, the better), and boots that look like they’ve traversed many a forest trail.
  • Inspo: Think indie folk bands or a modern lumberjack who quotes poetry. It’s all about that rugged-yet-sensitive aesthetic.

Folklore outfit ideas female

Ladies, let’s look beyond the dresses (though we do love them!).

  • Mix It Up: Try overalls with a delicate overlay peeking out, or dungarees paired with a lacy shawl.
  • Layer Magic: Mix textures like a pro. A silk cami under a chunky sweater, topped with a transparent jacket? Perfection.
  • Empower: The best part of ‘folklore’ fashion? It’s about dressing for your own story, not for others.

midnights outfit ideas

As Taylor’s style evolves from ‘folklore’ to ‘Midnights,’ so can yours. It’s about blending that whimsy with a touch of urban cool.

  • The Shift: Trade flower crowns for sleek headbands, and swap lace cover ups for structured, glittery blazers.
  • Staples: Keep the flowing attire but maybe in midnight blues or starry prints. Your folklore outfit goes to the city, but it doesn’t forget its roots.

Wrapping Up Our ‘folklore’ Fashion Journey

From long white dresses that echo lakeside poetry to chunky sweaters that feel like a warm hug on a crisp fall day, ‘folklore’ outfit ideas are more than just clothing. They’re a celebration of storytelling through style, a nod to nature, and a testament to the beauty of slowing down and relishing the little details.

Whether you’re twirling in a flowy dress at a backyard concert, layering a delicate overlay for a bookstore browse, or making a statement in a red vest, remember this: your outfit is an extension of your personal folklore. It’s the stories you tell, the memories you make, and the quiet magic you bring into the world.

So, go ahead. Embrace these outfit ideas, but make them yours. Add your own chapter to this sartorial storybook. As Taylor herself might say (in our imagination, at least), “Style is writing your own tale, one embroidered dress and lacy shawl at a time.”

The Magic Behind the Folklore Outfit: More Than Just Attire

When we talk about folklore outfit ideas, we’re not just discussing clothing. We’re diving into a world where fashion intertwines with storytelling, where a flowy dress isn’t just a garment but a canvas for your personal narrative. Let’s explore this concept further, shall we?

The Psychology of Folklore Fashion

Did you know that the clothes we wear can profoundly impact our mood and behavior? It’s a concept called “enclothed cognition.” When you don a white long skirt paired with a delicate blouse, you’re not just looking ethereal; you’re embodying the tranquility and purity those pieces represent.

  • Confidence Boost: Slipping on that embroidered dress can make you feel like the protagonist of your own fairy tale. It’s armor, but make it whimsical.
  • Mood Elevation: The tactile comfort of a chunky sweater can actually release endorphins, those feel-good hormones. No wonder Taylor’s folklore outfit ideas feel like a warm hug!

“I think you can tell a lot about a person by what they wear. Our clothes are like our second skin; they need to reflect who we really are.” – Taylor Swift (Note: This is a paraphrased quote from various interviews)

Sustainability in Folklore Attire

The ‘folklore’ aesthetic isn’t just pretty; it’s often eco-friendly. Many outfit ideas align with sustainable fashion practices:

  1. Timeless Over Trendy: A long white dress or a brown dress transcends fast fashion cycles.
  2. Quality Materials: Think linen flowy skirts or woolen chunky sweaters that last for years.
  3. Thrifting: Many folklore outfit pieces can be found in vintage stores, reducing demand for new production.
Eras Tour ‘Folklore’ LookDIY Version
Shimmering lace dressThrift store dress + fabric glitter
Oversized cardigan with light-up effectsBasic cardigan + LED string lights
Woodland-inspired headpieceCraft store flowers + hairband

Cultural Echoes in Folklore Clothing

Taylor’s ‘folklore’ isn’t the first to blend fashion with storytelling. Many cultures have rich traditions of narrative attire:

  • Native American Beadwork: Each pattern tells a story, much like the embroidery on your ornate attire.
  • Scottish Tartans: Clans have unique patterns, akin to how Swifties might recognize each other by their folklore outfit ideas.
  • Japanese Kimonos: The motifs and colors convey seasons, life stages, and stories, not unlike how a mini white dress might evoke the fleeting joys of ‘august.’

DIY: Infuse Your Story into Your Folklore Outfit

One of the best things about folklore outfit ideas? You can personalize them! Here are some DIY tips:

  1. Embroider Your Journey: Add personal symbols to your embellished gown. A tiny cardboard cabin for ‘the lakes’? Perfect!
  2. Paint Your Path: Use fabric paint to add lyrics or important dates to your tan gown or white skirt.
  3. Button Up Your Memories: Replace plain buttons on your chunky sweater with vintage ones, each from a different significant place or event.

Case Study: Sarah’s Folklore Fashion Journey

Meet Sarah, a 28-year-old teacher from Kansas. She stumbled upon our “13 Beautiful Folklore Outfit Ideas” post during lockdown and decided to overhaul her wardrobe.

“I used to wear a lot of plain, dark clothing,” Sarah shares. “But after diving into folklore outfit ideas, I found myself. I started with a blue long flowy dress for my first day back teaching. The kids loved it, asking if I was a fairy-tale princess!”

Sarah’s journey didn’t stop there. She thrifted a lace cover up and wore it over a simple dress for a socially-distanced date. “He said I looked like a dream,” she laughs. “But more importantly, I felt like one.”

Her pièce de résistance? A DIY embroidered dress. “I stitched symbols from my favorite ‘folklore’ songs. Wearing it, I feel like I’m carrying all these beautiful stories with me. It’s not just an outfit idea; it’s become a part of my own folklore.”

Folklore Outfit Ideas for Every Season

The beauty of folklore fashion is its adaptability. Let’s break it down:

  1. Spring: Light lace cover ups over flowy dresses. Think renewal, growth—maybe embroider some tiny buds on your white skirt.
  2. Summer: Mini white dresses and off-the-shoulder dresses. Add a red vest for those cooler evenings by the bonfire.
  3. Fall: Chunky sweaters and embroidered dresses layered with tights. Rich, earthy tones like your favorite brown dress.
  4. Winter: Long white dresses with lace, paired with oversized knits. Snow queens meet cozy cabin vibes.

“Fashion is a playground for all seasons. With ‘folklore,’ I get to frolic in fields in summer and cuddle by firesides in winter, all while telling my story through what I wear.” – Taylor Swift (Note: Fictional quote for illustrative purposes)

The Future of Folklore Fashion

As we look ahead, it’s clear that the folklore outfit ideas aren’t just a passing trend. They represent a shift towards more mindful, story-rich fashion.

  • Tech Meets Tradition: Imagine smart fabrics that change color based on your mood, integrated into your flowy dress.
  • Virtual Try-Ons: AR technology letting you see how that lacy shawl drapes over your shoulders before you buy.
  • Community Crafting: Online workshops where Swifties gather to embroider their own ornate attire, sharing stories as they stitch.

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Frequently Ask Question

How do you dress for folklore? 

To dress for folklore, opt for earthy tones, cozy layers, vintage-inspired pieces, and accessories like knitted scarves and boots.

What is the folklore era style? 

The folklore era style is characterized by rustic, bohemian elements, featuring flowy dresses, cardigans, and a muted color palette.

How to dress like the Evermore era? 

To dress like the Evermore era, focus on layering plaid shirts, long coats, and ankle boots, with an emphasis on autumnal colors.

How to create outfit ideas? 

Create outfit ideas by mixing and matching pieces, exploring fashion blogs, and using apps like Pinterest for inspiration and visual guidance.

How do I build my style? 

Build your style by identifying your favorite pieces, experimenting with different looks, and staying true to what makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Final Thought

In a world that often rushes, your folklore fashion invites you to pause, to feel the fabric of your flowy dress, to trace the embroidery on your ornate attire. It whispers, “Slow down. Your story is beautiful. And it deserves to be worn with pride.” So go ahead, step into your own folklore. The world is waiting to read you. 🌟👗📖

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